Mythical Phoenix

Painting a Picture with Words

“Our son's name is Phoenix, he is 4 and loves the mythological creature behind his name. O.K! So our request! This phoenix-bird-made-of-fire, he envisions, is fairly specific but because he is only 4 he doesn't seem to get it just the way he likes when he draws so I don’t have a drawing to give you. I’m sorry about that... alright, its a thin bird with blue and red eyes and is entirely (as in every part of its head, body and wings) made of flames that are red, orange, yellow and blue, yes blue. It has 4 HUGE wings and a long tail that is thin and bone-y but then has plumage off the end, made of orange only flames. It HAS to have big sharp teeth in its beak. Can it please have 2 big strong legs with 3 big white claws on each foot? This description is almost a direct quote out of his little mouth.”
From Lisa and Phoenix from B.C.

What a great name! And how awesome to share it with such a neat mythological creature! I hope you have a wonderful time playing with your new plush toy Phoenix!


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