About Me

Mother, Artist and Teacher

While pregnant with our first baby I felt a desire to develop a way for my love of mixed media and art collaboration to grow. I began dreaming of how I could combine my skills with my child's and create art together is a unique way. My epiphany: fusing design (children's drawings) and creation (sewn multi media keepsakes) together to bringing a child's drawing to life!
I have graduated from the University of Waterloo with a combined Bachelor degree in English and Fine and Performing Arts, the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Education specializing in Art, and have continued my studies in art history and practical art courses as I enjoy trying and experimenting with new art forms. I have been lucky enough to teach the arts in South Korea, England and, since 2008, in Guelph, Ontario. 

I spend much of my time creating a variety of artworks, home DIY, gardening and, more so than anything else, hanging out with my little family whom I adore!

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