"Dad" by Zahra and Von

Dear Zahra and Von, from British Columbia created this drawing of their father for father's day. Zahra drew the body and her brother Von drew the head! Their mom wanted to make a special keepsake for their father from their very special drawing and I think it turned out perfectly! Their father just loves his children's artwork. He's even thinking of getting a tattoo of some of their work!

A Family That Sticks Together!

A little girl from British Columbia drew this portrait of her family! Although all of her family have black hair, she got creative and used all different kinds of colours to show their different personalities. Her Dad wanted to have this portrait recreated so he can hang it on his wall in 3D!

So I stretched fabric over a wooden artist's frame and attached velcro and then created each softie so that it will attach to the frame, and the 3 sisters can move the dolls around into different positions because there's lots of extra velcro!


Molly's Creation!

Molly, from Norway, created this drawing of a blue man. I love the detail she added in this character's face and in the snowflake. Molly is on vacation in the USA this summer and this softie will be shipping out to her in MA tomorrow!

Gosha's Little Monster!

Here's something a little different! Gosha's little boy, Jacob, turned 2 this past spring and she wanted a softie created to remind her that Jacob will always be her "little monster!" This little monster softie is the perfect size for cuddling! 

Wishing it wasn't raining
Wants to play outside!

Monster Teeth!  Yuck!

2 Cats and a Quilt!

Finn, from Toronto, has a birthday coming up this August and his mom wanted to give him something very special. Finn took a lot of time to draw his 2 pet cats (who he loves VERY VERY much) and the quilt that Ollie (the bigger and lazier one) and Lollo (the smaller daintier kitty) and he wanted them made with the softest most cuddly fabrics - just like his cats! Happy Birthday Finn! 


Can you tell they're related?
What a Face!