How It Works!

Step 1: 
Choose that precious character your child has worked so hard to design or explain this process and have your little artist get started. 

Step 2:
Send me an email that includes a picture of your child's character (.jpg .img .pdf .png formats accepted) in colour to:makebereal@gmail.comInclude any additional information (your child's age, special fabric requests, etc) that you feel may be important for when I begin creating your keepsake.

Step 3:
I'll get back to you (my aim is within 48 hours) with a price quote and my plan for your plush toy including any questions I have concerning your child's design and a timeline for creating your keepsake (usually within 4 weeks).

Step 4: 
If you're happy with your quote pay for your keepsake (I will send you an online invoice from Paypal).  I'll use your child's design to create a recognizable plush toy and get it in the mail asap!

Step 5:
Your child's handmade keepsake, which they so carefully and thoughtfully designed, will arrive to your mailbox!

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child” Pablo Picasso

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