Emily the Artist!

Emily, from Sault Ste. Marie, drew this picture for her Aunt. She knows how much her aunt loves French culture so she included some French icons such as the Eiffel Tower in the background. Emily's aunt always calls her an artist and I can see why! Emily is only 5 years old!! What talent!


Two Hearts

Jen from right here in Ontario sent me this image of these hearts. She's creating a super special birthday gift idea for someone special!


Doodle Jump App as a Softie!

The creators of the very popular iphone game 'Doodle Jump' asked me to bring their character and the star of this game to life! This was a very cool project to work on!

Doodle jump hanging out at the bottom of a tree!
The Doodle Jump Arcade ( there's one at Sauble Beach!)


Ofek's Robot!

Ofek, from Isreal, drew this robot. I love how much detail he put into it! Can you guess how old Ofek is?