The Great Foxcat!

Tom, who is 9 years old, from Israel, painted this picture of a "fox cat." She painted it for her then unborn little sister whom she had been waiting for... well, all of her life! Tom wanted the name of her baby sister, who is now a little over 1 month old, to be painted onto the collar of the fox cat. I just love how much thought and effort Tom has put into this painting! Tom's mom asked that I make the fox cat into a softie for Tom and paint the foxcat onto a baby blanket for their new addition, Lyri.


Nich's Version of Angry Birds!

Nich from Queensville, Ontario is 8 years old. His drawings take inspiration from the "angry birds' game but he's added his own artistic flare to them!

and 1 large bird!

3 little birds

One for Me and One for My Sister!

I LOVE all the sibling love that I get to hear about with this business! Lily, aged 4.5, from Toronto, Ontario designed these dolls. They are her and her baby sister. Lily's mom asked me to make 2 sets of these dolls so that both Lily and her sister could each have a special set of dolls to have for keepsakes.



A One Eyed Wilf

This is a picture of Wilf, by Kennedy from Barrie, ON. Wilf is a very very loved pet! Wilf has one really awesome and very green eye and his pupil is almost like a star!


Meet Logan's Spider! Yikes!

Logan, from Queensville, Ontario designed this spider creature! He has twice as many legs as a regular spider so I bet he can move pretty quickly! I love how Logan used squiggly lines to create the spider's eyes - you can see the spiders mischievous personality!

Logan's Spider is 100% hand painted!

A Green Super Hero!

This is a super hero creature created by a young boy in Saskatoon. He made a mistake on the mouth, however, and wanted it to be just one straight line on the softie I created from his design. This is such a fun creature!

Relaxing after a hard day's work!

Every Super Hero has  Mask!

Sister's and Butterflies!

Top: Morgan, from Barrie, Ontario, drew this butterfly. Morgan and her sister Kennedy (who's butterfly softie was completed on Tuesday) both love drawing these creatures. Morgan's butterfly is made almost entirely from satin! Perfect for a little princess!

Bottom: This is a picture of a buttefly by Kennedy from Barrie Ontario. I love how Kennedy used gel pens to make her butterfly sparkly - just like a real butterfly's wing dust!

Relaxing in the Jade 
Button Nose!

Button Eyes!

Another Fan of the Jade
"Just living is not enough," said the butterfly, "one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower." ~Hans Christian Andersen


"Mommy" by Madeline

This is a drawing titled "Mommy and a Flag by Madeline, aged 5, from Cochrane Alberta. Madeline always draws her Mommy the same way and this drawing is particularly special because it is of her Mommy and a flag at night!


The Witches of Mountville!

Remember back to that secret project I was working on for the ENTIRE month of August? Well I now have permission by the author and her publisher and can finally write a post to show you all of the work I was doing! These character's are the work of Nancy Fraser (an author from the Toronto area) and artist and illustrator Ric Ward. Nancy asked me to help bring her characters to life by making them into softies! This was a huge undertaking and SO much fun to do!

The book is called "The Witches of Mountville" and will be released tomorrow, November 1st, 2012.

Each softie is about a metre in length and is made with a mixture of fabric, embroidery, yarn and hand painting on fabric.

Be sure to order your book for your Children for Christmas! Links to purchasing/ordering information to come! Below is a picture of the very talented Nancy Fraser!

Pictures of my work in the album "The Witches of Mountville"

The Witches of Mountville! In stores soon!
ISBN 192700389X, 9781927003893


Mr. Butterman!

This is the beloved Butterman!! He is the creation of a boy from Cleveland, Ohio. He is the main character in a book that this artist wrote for his dad for father's day. Isn't he awesome!

Here is Butterman! It's nice and cool outside today so he won't melt.

One of my favourite faces yet!

Warming up in the sun!


Introducing Euta the Pegasus

This is Euta (pronounced "You-ta") the Pegasus! She is a drawing by Sophia who is 7 years old! Pegasus' are one of my favourite mythical creatures so this was such a neat keepsake to create! Sophia asked that Euta's "birthdate" by embroidered onto the softie so she can always remember when it was born!

Getting Ready for Flight!

The date of Euta's 'Birth'
Posing for the Camera!

A Garden Gnome Story!

Ashton from Ohio created this absolutely lovely drawing of a gnome-like creature. She didn't have time to colour it so I was able to choose whichever fabrics I wanted. This softie was a huge amount of fun to create!

Hanging out with the gourds!
Hand Embroidered Flower and bee!

What a Face!