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Each keepsake is handmade and carefully crafted, by me, to match your child's design. I shop for fabrics based upon the colours and patterns used in your child's drawing to make a plush toy that will be completely recognizable to your little artist. I pay attention to all of those important details your child so lovingly added. And... I aim to have your child's keepsake to your mailbox within 4 weeks of receiving your child's design and payment. Don't worry, as any parent knows, time flies!

What materials will my child's keepsake be made from?
I try my best to match the fabrics suggested by the colours and patterns in your child's design.  I often use cottons and flanelettes (for the plush, soft, cuddly feel) but I use a wide variety of other fabrics (silk, tulle, polyester, corderoy, etc) to make the plush toy just as unique as your child's drawing!  Buttons and sequins may be used to match those smaller but very important features on your child's blueprint. Filling is always 100% hypoallergenic polyester.

Will you make the plush toy exactly the same as the drawing or can you make it a little different?
I can do both!  I can make your plush toy exactly the same, or if your child would like a different colour (for example - if you'd like the fur to be pink instead of blue) or if you'd like it made a little differently (four legs instead of five) just let me know!
*Please note that changes to the design after the quote may result in a change in price.

How big will the finished plush toy be?I aim for approximately 12-16 inches long, wide or tall. If you would like your finished keepsake to be larger just let me know but keep in mind that the quote and shipping fees must increase to cover the costs of fabric and a larger/heavier parcel.

What special care instructions are there for my keepsake?
Just love and cherish your keepsake! And when your keepsake gets a little dirty it's best to spot clean it and set it out to air dry.

I have a question not answered here!

Get in Touch! You can email me at makebereal@gmail.com

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