He's Legen… wait for it...dary!

Ethan, from Saskatchewan, illustrated the Legendary Chop Chop. What an AWESOME name! I love it! Ethan's mom let me know what colours Ethan wanted and I used a little bit of artistic liberty with the design (Ethan's character is based on an animation).


McKenzie's Dragons!

MacKenzie from Saskatchewan designed this Perfect Purple Dragon! I can tell how much thought she put into this! 

This is the Mommy Dragon and the Daddy Dragon is green!


Stick it to the Dinosaur!

Benjamin from Andover, Kansas decorated this dinosaur, very very carefully, with a mixture of different coloured triangle stickers. What a great choice of shape to use for this dino! I love the colours!

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Meet Bee Bee!

My nephew Jonah designed this character, Bee Bee, when he was only three.  I fell in love with him at first sight and new I HAD to create a softie from his drawing. I have to admit, it was a little hard to hand the finished softie over, but I did it!

Bee Bee has quite the hair! And, even though his only facial features are two HUGE eyes, I think it's rather easy to understand what he's thinking! Do you?

What a fabulous drawing, Jonah!


Adrian's Family

Adrian, from Hialeah Florida, drew this beautiful portrait of his family. Can you see they are expecting a very special 5th member!  Adrian told me the colours he wanted me to use for each member of his family (and a little secret about how much his Dad LOVES fishing!).

Dad in his fishing pants!
Adrian's brother, Victor!
Dad in his fishing pants! And Adrian's brother, Victor
Adrian's Mom (Can you spot the surprise on the way?)

It is just SO cute that Adrian represented the newest, but unborn, member of the family.