The Witches of Mountville

BOOK RELEASE: "The Witches of Mountville" Bryler Publications - November 1, 2012. 

ISBN 192700389X, 9781927003893

Nancy Fraser, an author from Oshawa Ontario, contacted me to bring the characters in her book "The Witches of Mountville" to life.  The illustrations for her book were created by Artist and Illustrator Ric Ward and served as the design inspiration for my softies.

"The Witches of Mountville" is a story of a family who overcomes their physical abnormalities (three eyes, bunions, one shoe, nose warts) to demonstrate that it is what is on the inside that counts and that it is all of these differences that make us special and unique.

Author Nancy Fraser is a huge advocate towards putting an End to Bullying in our schools and writes with this purpose in mind.  Nancy will be touring some of Ontario's school this winter to promote her message through live readings of her book.

Each of these 5 characters stands approximately one metre in height.  They are made from a variety of fabrics and yarn and include hand embroidery and hand fabric painting.  Bringing this family to life was a huge endeavor and a MASSIVE amount of fun!

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Please View the Slideshow Below for Pictures of all of the Characters as Softies


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