Fly Fly Butterfly

Butterfly's are one of children's favourite things to draw.  They symbolize change which is neat because  when, in your life, do you experience more change than as a child! Every day is something new!

Sheila's son, who is four years old and from Penetanguishene, Ontario, loves to draw butterflies. He decorates them in many different ways and uses so many different colours! This year for Christmas he is getting a softie hand made from one of his drawings! Happy Holidays!
100% Hand Painted


Little Summer Girl With A Bracelet

Hayden (The artist who drew the Torontada Dinosaur in 2012) has a 2.5 year old sister and she created this line drawing last summer. Isn't it spectacular? I think we have a budding artist! This is a self portrait on her first day of camp! Her mom sent me the clothing that she wore on this special day and I used it to make the clothing for her softie! Complete with some extra bows and ruffles! Merry Christmas!