Sophia's Beautiful Ink Lady

One of the most elegant and beautiful drawings I have yet to come across! Sophia, who is now 5.5 years old and from Montreal, QC drew this beautiful picture of a woman. Sophia only ever draws using blue ink on white paper. It's her signature! This drawing brought tears to my eyes the first time I saw it. Sophia is so talented!


Tinsel Butt from the '80's!

Caitlin's Sister-in-Law, Victoria, found this drawing that Caitlin created when she was a child in the 80s! The drawing is of "Tinsel Butt." Tinsel Butt is a cat who ate some Christmas Tinsel and... well... eventually it came out the other end! 
Victoria will be sending Tinsel Butt overseas to keep her sister-in-law company while she travels through Europe this year.

Teyla's Dad WITH Hair

Teyla, from MB, drew this picture of her Dad. One of the reasons that Teyla's mom knows her daughter has such a great sense of humour is because, in real life, her Dad doesn't have even a single strand of hair! You'd never know from the picture! What an awesome drawing Teyla!

Sarah and the Hot Air Balloon

Kennadie, who is 5 years old, from British Columbia drew this very creative picture which she called "Sarah and the Hot Air Balloon." I love all of the colours Kennadie picked for the balloon! And what a great facial expression on her character, Sarah.

I've never been up in a hot air balloon but I could tell when I let Sarah take her's for a test drive she really loved the view!

An 80's Christmas Pirate! Har Ho Har!

Victoria, from Gatineau QC, sent me this picture which was drawn by her husband when he was a kid! It's a Christmas Pirate! Aaaaarrrrr!

Victoria also submitted the drawing of Tinsel Butt that I posted the finished softie of a couple of weeks ago! You can tell that Victoria's husband and his sister shared their colouring markers!
Victoria will be giving this softie to her husband for his upcoming birthday! We hope he loves it just as much as his sister loved her Tinsel Butt Cat!

What a great face! Love the Glasses!
Check out the muscles!