It doesn't Happen Every Time...

But when it does, they're always the best emails to receive!  After putting a little of my soul and a great deal of time into each and every softie I create (just like the children do when they create their characters), it's really amazing to receive pictures of the children with their softies. Parents almost always write me to tell me that they received their packages and describe to me their children's reactions I have a pretty good imagination but when I get a picture it just really makes my day extra special!

Here are some of the pictures I have received from parents of their little ones with the softies we worked together to bring to life!

Ink Lady

The Legendary Chop Chop

Summer Girl!

Butterflies for Christmas!

Aly's Butterfly

Euta the Pegasus

Green Creature!

The Year of the Dragon
Lily the Bunny

Elmer the Elephant!